A Photographers Vacation Pictures when given a Point and Shoot Camera | Bridger Wilderness, Wyoming

Ball Family

What do a photographer’s vacation pictures look like when she is given a point and shoot camera (that later she found out has focusing problems)? Just like everyone else, selfies included. I am changing up my blog today. I know I always post things about my wonderful clients and their families, but today I thought I would share a little about my family and my vacation that took me out of the world of electronics for over a week.

This July I took my son Matthew on an 8 day backpacking trip to the Bridger Wilderness with his great grandfather.


I had been on this backpacking trip before, over ten years ago, and there were not a lot of pictures. Lets face it when backpacking you don’t want to carry any extra weight!! This year however, I decided to take my small (old) Casio Exilim point and shoot camera and capture a few memories between my grandfather, my son and myself. I wasn’t sure how many more years my almost 85 year old grandfather was going to be able to hike the 30 mile round trip hike and I wanted to get a few pictures of him in the place he loved most!


On this trip my grandfather taught my son how to fly fish. I had tried but who wants to listen to their mom about fishing tips? He was a quick learner and soon was catching tons of fish!


We hiked, and we hiked and did I mention we hiked? Miles of switchbacks became our friend until we reached the almost 10,000 feet high Northfork Lake that is located near the continental divide. Yes, it was cold, and yes even though everyday was beautiful, it did snow on one day (Thank goodness not for very long).


My grandfather and I love flyfishing. We would wake up at dawn and fly fish. We would fly fish in the afternoon and stay their until the sun was about to set. These pictures do not do these fish justice!! They were every bit of 24-28 inches long! Not just one or two but every fish we caught out of Northfork. We must have caught hundreds of fish!



It was a wonderful time that I hope my son will remember years down the line.