Fun & Formal Engagement Session | Sedona, Arizona by Love My Life Photography

Krystal & Levi

Levi, an Emergency Medicine Resident Physician and Krystal, an Internal Medicine Physician, met (you guessed it) during an internal medicine rotation. They became friends over salads and flying carrots (if you have ever seen Krystal eat, you know what this looks like…). Unknown to Krystal, Levi referred to her as Krystal with a “K” and “a real woman” to his mom and friends. Unknown to Levi, Krystal talked to her mom and sister about this great guy she had met. A few months later, they were reunited on a cardiology rotation, where Levi and Krystal conveniently started getting coffee at the same time in the hospital. Before long, they were having coffee together almost every morning.

On November 16th, 2013, Levi and Krystal went on their first date. Finishing the night dancing in the parking lot of the 5th and Diner (local Phoenix haunt), they both knew there was something special between them. Since that day, they have never spent a day apart by choice.

Levi knew the 4th of July was Krystal’s favorite holiday (hello, Fireworks!). Krystal thought they were going to Prescott to celebrate. However, that morning, Levi surprised Krystal with a trip to Flagstaff, their favorite place to visit in Arizona and their first romantic getaway a few years before. They loaded up their dog, Maverick, and headed north. Before the fireworks, Levi told a few high schoolers he was about to propose and asked if they would video the proposal. During the first fireworks, Levi proposed to Krystal! Of course, she said “yes”!


On Valentine’s Day, 2016,?Levi and Krystal chose the serenity of Sedona for their formal & fun engagement session. We began the day at Tlaquepaque. Levi and Krystal were dressed to impress which worked wonderful with the elegance of the Tlaquepaque grounds. Levi and Krystal, a little uncomfortable with everyone walking around and looking at the two of them, quickly were lost in each other and completely (or almost completely) forgot about everyone but each other.


We then moved on the Schnebly Hill and an outfit change. Can I just say, “LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!!” Who would have thought that that blue against the red rock of Sedona would be so incredible!!! With a new look, killer shoes and Levi in a little more of a comfortable shirt the two of them continued to laugh, hug, kiss and again were completely lost in each other.


What an amazing couple!! You two, and your family 2 cats, Cactus and Cleo, and 1 dog, Maverick, are going to have one incredible wedding and life together! Congratulations!!!??#?ForeverFiller?



Venue: Tlaquepaque, Schnebly Hill in Sedona Arizona
Makeup: The Sparkle Bar