Surprise Proposal | Schnebly Hill, Sedona by Love My Life Photography

Josh & Kristin

Proposals are always such a wonderful event, however, Josh went above and beyond when he planned his proposal to Kristin. He had planned on taking her to Sedona to go hiking and see some of the amazing views. What she didn’t know is that Josh and I had schemed to capture his proposal on film.



Josh and Kristin hit all of the wonderful things to see in Sedona, they went hiking, they went to Red Rock Crossing and they had dinner reservations at at Timo. After changing for dinner Josh suggested that they go to Schnebly Hill, at the?Huckaby Trail Head to watch the sunset and take a few photographs.?Josh and I had already planned where to meet and what was going to happen as he arrived. As Josh got onto one knee Kristins face was priceless. She was absolutely surprised that he was proposing!! It was such as wonderful moment between two wonderful people in love!!!



Josh and Kristin make such a wonderful couple.Congratulations Josh and Kristin!