Hi, I'm Andrea Hill, a Photographer here in Show Low, Arizona!

I am a lifestyle Photographer here in the White Mountains of Show Low Arizona! My goal is to capture all seasons of life in genuine timeless moments that you will cherish forever. To portray authentic connections through my images. I would love the opportunity to capture your story!

I have always loved taking photos, but decided to pursue it as more than a hobby. Lifestyle photography is what I love most! My goal is to capture genuine and authentic connections between the people I am photographing. My favorite images are the candid and unposed, I definitly get plenty of posed shots too! I want to provide you with images you love, and images that will help you relive those moments every time you look at them.



Im going full un-proof read “Andrea” here. Get ready for an inappropriate amount of spelling and punctuation errors & LOTS of exclamation marks heheh !!!!!!!!!

P.S. do not worry, these errors to not affect my photography abilities. XD

I studies at The University of Kentucky majoring in the Fine Arts and Education. I have been doing family/ individual photography here and there since graduating high school, but after having my adorable button of a son I’ve decided to go full time, and it’s been amazing!!! 

And now I live here is Show Low, AZ which is just a photographers dream and play ground!

I pride myself in creating a comfortable/entertaining experience during our photoshoots. I should post some of my reviews, I mean I seriously have the husbands saying “that was actually fun.” FULL ADULT HUSBANDS GUYS!! XD

sooo yeah, I’m pretty gooood! And kids are just my favorite part. They bring the magic to the sessions!

I am detail oriented when it come to my editing, I average around 1500 images per hour so I choose the absolute best show casing you family in the most flattering way! Each edit I make is custom to your family and scenery/ Lighting to provide the best image for you.

I am active! so during our shoot and will here lots of panting and ridiculous out of breath commentary  XD 

I have to get every angle and again I am thorough. I give lots of instruction and guidance.


Things you will hear from Andrea during our session.

-Peeeerfect! YES!

-Right there, Beeeeaaautiful

-If you could just, Yup, yes, exactly!!!

-So what I want you to doooo.

-Sorry guys, going to be running a lot!

-Go ahead and. 

I hope my site I created for you is able to answer all of your questions. I love it simple, easy and to the point. If you have any question please do not hesitate to reach out via call or text.